Growth Track

Let's Make a difference


As a church, we are committed to shepherding and training those who connect with us. Our Growth Track is one of the many ways we seek to do this by teaching and discipling those who want to be intentional in their relationship with God. The two parts of Growth Track contain thoughtful lessons that are beneficial for those who are just starting to seek a relationship with Jesus as well as those who have been serving him for many years.

Each of these groups lasts a total of four weeks and is offered monthly as we rotate through each week's corresponding lesson. This means that no matter what week we are on you can join us and start growing.

Both FirstStep and NextStep meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm.



FIRSTSTEP helps you discover what a balanced and healthy life as a follower of Jesus looks like and how Journey Church will help guide you along. Throughout the lessons, we reflect on the power of our story and journey with God. In each session, we discuss one central element of a growing relationship with Jesus and some helpful habits associated with cultivating that relational element.

This is the best place to start for all people, no matter where you are currently with the Lord. The principles applied in this group establish a foundation for the next group and for serving on a ministry team here at Journey Church.

FIRSTSTEP is a four-week small group offered every month on Wednesday nights in room 101.



NEXTSTEP helps you discover how Journey Church “does church” - why we exist, where we are going, and how you can be part of this adventure. It is open to anyone who has completed FirstStep. Our goal is that, after learning about how we choose to structure church, you will discover what part you could play as we all seek to spread the message of the gospel, both here in our local communities and at a regional and global level.

Because NEXTSTEP is all about our culture and DNA as a church, we expect anyone looking to become an official member of the church to first complete this small group. The purpose and importance of this church membership is outlined within the material of this group.

NEXTSTEP is a four-week small group offered every month on Wednesday nights in room 104.